Clinical Hypnotherapy is a safe and effective form of treatment to help with conditions that may be holding you back, or causing problems in your life. For example coping with anxiety, overcoming a phobia or achieving your goals. By choosing to see a hypnotherapist, you are taking a positive step towards changing your life and looking forward to a better future.  


I want you to feel supported and respected at all times. I understand that approaching a hypnotherapist may be a big step, and aim to offer therapy in an approachable, relaxed environment.


By recognising that every client is different, I offer highly personalised sessions, ensuring therapy meets your needs in the way that is right for you.


“I approached Helen with my fear of dentists, from the start Helen showed empathy, professionalism & understanding.

After each session I had with Helen, I felt relaxed & in control, Helen has taught me that I am in fear is not, my total mindset has changed.

I look forward to my sessions, it's like going to see friend.

Helen.... You are amazing, I can't thank you enough.”
   - A, Leeds

British Society of Clinical Hypnosis

For help with:

Weight Loss - Phobias - Insomnia - Blushing - Anxiety - Stress - Headaches - Performance Anxiety - Exam Stress - Driving Test Nerves - Stammering - Night Terrors - Bruxism - Tinnitus* - IBS* - Childbirth - Nail Biting - Confidence Building - Relaxation


*Medically diagnosed

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Helen Laws, Leeds based Clinical Hypnotherapist

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